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Bedugul weather

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Bedugul weather

The weather in the Bedugul area can change very quickly and the temperature can drop and get very cold so , if you do not have a jacket or some warm clothing , you are in trouble . Bedugul is 1,200m above sea level , BaliTrekk is 900m , only a short drive , but enough of a drop in height above sea level that the temperature is a lot more moderate . Even when you stay at BaliTrekk we advise you to bring a light jacket but with the temperature here , between 19 degrees and 26 it is just right . Also the best time is sunrise where , usually , the weather is good and it is the best time to enjoy the spectacular views that you have up here , also the birds will all have woken up and are busy chatting away , in fact , all the wild life is up and ready to go . Hope to see you here one day also ready to go .

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