Lake Baratan Trekk

This Trekk will pass over and down the Mountain forest area to the lake , where you

Can stop for refreshments before you start The journey back.

We have two different trekks that stop at the Lake . One. A to B , which will take you about 4 kms to The starting point A , and from here we go

Up into the mountain forest range and then downTowards the lake . Passing hrough the spectacular Tree forest area takes your breath away , in more ways Than one . As you start to go down to the lake you can Hear the sounds of the speed boats . After taking Refreshments we go back up into the trees again and Climb further up the mountain range until we come to Our turning point to head us back to B pick up point .

This trekk can take up to 4-5 hours depending on our Trekking speed . Most people can do this Trekk as the Ups and downs are not that hard and the trails are easy To follow. Price per person – $25.


BaliTrekk to B – This trekk will start at Balitrekk And take you across the valley and up to where The A starting point is on the first trekk . You Will be treated to some magnificent views on The way , in all directions , and , if the weather is Clear , you will be able to see all the way to the Coast . Also you will pass various lantations Growing all kind of vegetables and flowers.

Once you reach the A starting point you Will then proceed on the same itinerary as trekk Number One . This is an all day trekk and can take you up to eight hours to complete depend In on your speed. The first valley is quite Difficult but after that it is a moderate trekk .

Price per person – $35