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Jungle Waterfall Trekk

This waterfall is located only about three Kilometers from BaliTrekk and is not open to The general public. Only the locals in the area Know of it’s existence and how to find the trail To get there, so, no, this one will not be in the Guidebooks. It is possible to take a shower Care must be taken when doing so.

We have three different trekks that stop at the waterfall, one A to A which will take you to a starting point about two kms From BaliTrekk and the Trekk should last no longer than About two and a half hours, depending on how long you rest At the waterfall. There would be a small river to cross, only Very shallow, and you would pass some spectacular scenery On the way there and back. Price per person, $ 15.

Note, A picnic package can be arranged at extra cost. Two Balitrekk to A – This Trekk will start at BaliTrekk, cross the Road and down into the valley the other side, cross the River, again very shallow, and up the other side before Heading south towards the waterfall. After reaching the Waterfall you would come the same way back as the A to A trekk and get a ride home from the A starting point. This Trekk would take you about four hours to complete, also, Depending on how long you stay at the waterfall. Price per person. $20

Three BaliTrekk to BaliTrekk –This Trekk would be the same as BaliTrekk to A, but after reaching the A starting point the Trekk would continue for another spectacular three valleys. This Trekk would take at least five hours, depending on your Fitness level. Again you must take into account how long You stay at the waterfall. Price per person. $30.