About Us


Welcome to BaliTrekk, a small village resort and outdoor recreation center located in Auman, Bali. We offer a genuine cultural, sporting and relaxation experience unlike any other in Bali. We offer herbal teas while you enjoy a massage overlooking our spectacular views of Mt. Agung.

Even if you are not the sporting type, you must take the time to spend a couple of nights in BaliTrekk and see, and learn, about the Real Bali that even expats that have lived here for years don’t realize exists.

Unlike other tourist sites, in Auman you will see eagles soaring around, experience unbelievable views and trekking, bird walks and get to meet the local people.

We are at 900m, not as cold as Bedugul 1.200m, but only a short drive away. The temperature here is just perfect, not too hot and not too cold. So it only makes sense to stay here in comfort if you want to visit Bedugul.

Just a few of the reasons why you should visit BaliTrekk

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Best Resort in Bali Indonesia, Bali Trekk facilities cater to guests who enjoy good home cooking at its very best like you have never had before. Our dining room is a large room featuring a bar, dining area, and a relaxation area. All of our furniture has been hand-crafted from teak supplied by our own plantation. We also have a wood-fired pizza oven and a wooden baking oven for fresh bread and other delicacies baked daily. A small outside fitness area is located adjacent to the large outdoor deck and dining area.

We have a large area where we are growing asparagus and also three large greenhouses with various vegetabĺes. There is nothing as good as fresh vegetables from the garden.