Tours and Trekks

Tours and Trekks

Tours and Trekks

We have many trekks that you can go on . First we will access your fitness level and then offer you various trekks that you can take . The cost of each trekk can also vary between $10 - $30 depending on which trekk you choose.

Nung Nung waterfall Trekk

Jungle waterfall Trekk

Pucak Mangu Temple Trekk

Hot Springs Trekk

 and many more .

We also offer a range of tours that you can take.

Nung Nung waterfall , temple and highest bridge in southeast asia tour .

Bedugul botanical gardens tour and picnic .

Kintamani Tour.

Bedugul Tour and mountain Trekk.

  and any custom tour you would like .


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